I coded this visual novel from scratch with HTML5 and Coffeescript. I finished it in under 2 weeks for MyFirstGameJam. All of the Art, Coding, and writing was done by me, music by Jacob Diaz, and a concept sketch was generously contributed by Antigone Willis (my lovely wife).

Note: The game runs a little choppy in full screen mode. Nothing too serious though.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, Horror, Mystery


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i got the Gaja end. i have to admit, making that decision was really tough, though. i didn't know what to do. and i legit had to honestly search deep into my brain for who i genuinely felt i could trust. i really like this game, and i especially enjoyed my second time through, when i got the Yara end. I'm not sure why, but in these two occasions that i've  seen her, i feel that this woman is the most trustworthy.

ngl i have been playing this for hours trying to get answers to all my questions, and i dont know if my brain is just really small or what, but i do not know how to use all the knowlege that these characters having been dropping on me lmao


Yara End :)

Thanks so much for playing~! c: There are more endings with the "Babylon" ending being the secret "true" ending. If you feel up to it, keep playing to find that true ending!

I hope you found Deluge enjoyable~

Pretty neat stuff!


Thanks so much! That means a lot. ^^ I plan on revisiting this project, adding more art, improving and expanding upon the writing, adding more musical tracks, and improving the UI and porting it to Desktops and smartphones. A lot of things I couldn't do at the time because it was made in 2 weeks for a jam (by myself)

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Hey. I just played this and found it nice -will, of course, play it again, I just got the Willow end and sadly have other things to do-. What's interesting is that what I played had some things in common with a project I have in mind. Anyway, I liked it.

EDIT: but then, maybe, nice is, perhaps, not the nicest or rightest word. But after reading Goodnight, Punpun and playing two Silent Hill games, my notion of "nice" may have got a little perverse LOL

Thanks for playing! :) Really glad you enjoyed it! If you ever get around to it, there's quite a bit more! 5 endings + a secret ending, all of them can be pretty moving! (Though willow's ending has a special place in my heart :P ) A total of 6! I do plan on revisiting this sometime soon after I wrap up my current project. I'll be adding more art, a few more music tracks, and in general giving the UI and code a little more polish.

Thanks again for your nice comment! It means a lot.


Sorry it's taken so long but I've played Deluge and I enjoyed the game!

The art is really nice and the music choices were spot on, I was absorbed into the mood of the game very well. The dialogue that appeared on screen broke the flow of the game, in my opinion, so perhaps changing the dialogue text to another colour or style would help! Other than that and a few grammatical errors, your game was really good!

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This is such a beautiful experience, I love the art, rain, ambiance, philosophical thought provoking, and gameplay. May I do a Let's Play/Livestream of this?

Edit: Thank you, here is my Deluge - Let's Play


Oh thanks a bunch! :D That really means a lot to me.

Sure! I'd love to see you do a let's play! Please do link it to me whenever you get it live.


Thank you, it is now live!

Oh thanks so much! :) I'll watch it this evening! really appreciate the support you've given me.